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Understanding Newborn Sight: Evolution and Visual Stimulations

Understanding Newborn Sight: Evolution and Visual Stimulations

Sight is one of the most important senses developing in newborns. During the first months of life, babies learn to see the world around them, a fascinating but gradual process. In this article, we will explore how newborns' vision evolves and how parents can stimulate this crucial sense, highlighting products available on Babyboss.ma to support this development.


The Evolution of Sight in Newborns

At birth, a baby's vision is limited. Newborns can see shapes, lights and movement, but their ability to perceive details is poor. They prefer high contrast and can recognize their parents' faces from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm.

During the first months, babies' vision improves quickly:
- **1 month:** They begin to follow moving objects.
- **2-3 months:** They distinguish colors better, with a preference for red and green.
- **4-6 months:** Their depth perception improves, and they can grasp objects more precisely.


Stimulate the Sight of Newborns

To help develop your baby's eyesight, several strategies can be adopted:
- **Contrasting toys:** Use toys with bright, contrasting colors to attract their attention.
- **Baby books:** Books with simple, contrasting images stimulate visual recognition.
- **Tracking games:** Move an object in front of your baby to encourage eye tracking.


Recommended Products on Babyboss.ma

To support the visual development of your newborn, Babyboss.ma offers a range of suitable products:
- **Mobiles for cribs:** With bright colors and gentle movements, they stimulate babies' eyesight and attention.
- **Activity mats:** Offering different textures and colors, they encourage discovery and hand-eye coordination.
- **Contrasting fabric books:** Perfect for first reading experiences, stimulating both sight and touch.


In conclusion

Vision development is a key milestone in the overall development of newborns. As parents, taking an active role in your baby's visual stimulation can promote healthy and happy growth. Explore our selection on Babyboss.ma to find the tools and toys that will accompany your baby in the visual exploration of the world.

Visit our site for more information and to discover our complete range of products dedicated to the development of newborns. Together, let's help our babies see the world in color.
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