Food Diversification: When and How to Start?

Dietary diversification is a key stage in your baby's development, marking the transition from an exclusively milk diet (breastfeeding or infant formula) to a varied diet. It’s a world of new flavors and textures that opens up to your child, but when and how to start this process?

When to start dietary diversification?

The World Health Organization recommends starting dietary diversification around 6 months of age. At this age, the baby's iron stores begin to decline, and his digestive system is mature enough to digest other foods. This is also the time when the baby begins to show an interest in food, by observing your meals or trying to grab your food.

How to introduce the first foods?

  1. Gradually: Introduce one new food at a time, in small quantities, to monitor possible allergic reactions.

  2. Patience is key: Your baby may refuse certain foods at first. It's normal. Give him time to get used to the new flavors and textures.

  3. Pureed foods: Start with simple vegetable or fruit purees, without added sugar or salt. Carrots, sweet potatoes, apples or pears are great choices.

  4. Incorporate variety: After the first vegetables and fruits, gradually introduce infant cereals (gluten-free at first), then proteins such as meat, fish or legumes, as well as suitable dairy products.

  5. Listen to your baby: Follow your child's signs of fullness. Dietary diversification is also an opportunity to learn to listen to your body.

Products to support diversification:

On, we offer a selection of products to facilitate this transition:

  • Baby-friendly plates and spoons to encourage independence.
  • Baby blenders and steamers to prepare healthy homemade meals.
  • Organic compote and puree bottles for essential flavors and nutrients.
  • Baby recipe books to inspire your menus.

Dietary diversification is more than a step towards food autonomy, it is a journey of discovery for your baby. By taking a patient approach and listening to your child's needs, you will lay the foundation for a healthy, balanced diet.

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